Sunday, 23 October 2016

Virat Kohli for Environment

"How beautiful the nature is!" The exclamation looks very strange for many of us who were born, grown up and feel cozy in the lap of the man-made wonderworld, full of artificiality - concrete, marble, glass, synthetics and plastics. Here soil, grass, plants, tree shade, fresh fruits and vegetables are seem to be the poor man's luxuries. Streams and rivers flowing  along with the freshness of the cool breeze are no more here to provide potable water. Plastic water bottles and sachets are here to temporarily quench the  never ending thirst. Living with domestic birds and animals is a taboo as they are not fit to stay in our sophisticated environs. The streets full of dazzling  lights are here to attract harmful mosquitoes and scare beneficial night creatures. Another wonder is that we needn't look up high into the dark sky to see the beauty of the gleaming moon amidst its companions the shining stars.

Still humanity is there to love its Mother Nature That's why a few generous hearts are yet blooming out to spread the sweet scented messages of the Mother Nature across. Their hearts shout out if something bad happen to mute animals or innocent children. When the world awaits to look at the way Virat Kohli bats. Mr. Kohl awaits for opportunities to help the Mother Nature to remain green, peaceful and happy. His attitude towards nature and animals is amazing. Some of his great deeds are mentioned here.

World Environment Day:

“Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care” was the motto of  the 2015 World Environment Day (WED) celebrations. The emphasis was primarily on the need to respect the bearing capacity of the planet and to manage natural resources efficiently. The Environment Ministry invited Virat Kohli along  with eminent sports personalities like Sachin Tendulkar and Sushil Kumar to participate in a nationwide plantation drive. Virat Kohli planted a tree and pledged to do his bit for the Mother Nature.

Great People Do Small Things in a Great Way (Swacch Bharat Abhiyan):

Great people won't do great things in a small way. But they do simple things in a great way! It's reported that during the second Test against New Zealand in Kolkata, the Test captain, Virat Kohli along with his teammates picked up a broom to sweep the stadium. Not only that when he found a few plastic bottles strewn across the turf in Indore stadium (during the third Test match) he took the initiative to pick up and dispose the bottles off the ground.

Noise free Diwali Campaign:

Virat Kohli was a supporter of Anushka Sharma's  campaigning for a noise-free Diwali for her canine friends. Anushka's PAWsitive is to spread the idea of compassion for animals during Diwali 2015.

Against Torture of Animals:

Virat Kohli was against terrifying and torturing bulls for the mere sake of human pleasure. While chasing the bulls get panicked, run berseked and break their bones or die during animal games. He was a signatory to a petition to uphold the ban on bull races and bull fights in 2015.

Condemned Attack on "Shaktiman":

Shaktiman was a well trained horse of Uttarakhand Mounted Police for several years. An MLA  attacked and made the horse to have one of its hind legs amputated. Virat Kohli expressed shock and disgust over the incident against the torture of the beautiful and harmless animal. He reacted strongly and urged the concern authorities to take appropriate action. The injured horse leg was replaced with an artificial prosthetic leg brought from the US. Unfortunately “Shaktiman" lost its battle with life after a brave fight for 37 days. When the horse died Virat Kohli tweeted that he shared the pain of the death of the police horse ‘Shaktiman‘.

Anti-Ragging Campaign:

Virat Kohli will be the star campaigner on TV commercials against ragging of freshers in colleges and other educational institutions.

Hope a few glimpses of these Virat Kohli's humanistic attitudes would certainly bring a lot of change among masses whether with respect to environmental protection,  animal rescue or in creating positive atmosphere in educational institutions.

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