Friday, 21 October 2016

Mammootty for Environment

Mammootty the Evergreen Hero:

Mammootty is an exemplified Malayalam  film star for undertaking a number of humanistic  activities, varying from free cataract operations, heart surgeries, pain and palliative care organisation and environmental works.

"Yes" to Organic Farming and "No" to Chemical Farming:

The real hero of humanity is a favoirite and practitioner of zero budget natural farming. A good response to the farmer inimical farming practices! He prefers organic farming to chemical farming. He is a strict opponent of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. He  advocates for using organic matures like  vermi-compost (earthworm manure). His passion for organic farming is immense. He is also a producer of pesticides-free organic paddy and vegetables on his own farm near Kochi. He once said,  "If cinema is my first passion, farming is second or equally important area of interest. I am not a director who do many movies at a stretch. So, after every film, I take a break and go to my house at Anthikkad in Thrissur district. A walk through the sprawling fields itself is enough to fill a new energy and positivity in my mind."

My Tree Challenge:

Fortunately the thought of "My Tree Challenge" came to limelight after "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" gained popularity. Mammootty is not only against Ice Bucket Challenge but also a strong supporter of "My Tree Challenge." It is a new eco-revolutionary movement started by environmental enthusiasts like Abdul Manaf, Imthias Kadeer and Fahadh Faasil. Mammootty's direct involvement has made "My Tree Challenge" verily popular among many other celebrities and fans. It is said that he later nominated Bollywood actors Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan, Kannada actor Sudeep and Telugu actor Mahesh Babu to accept the Challenge and make the Mother Nature a greener and better place to live. Besides these actors, Suriya and a Tamil actor Vijay also took up the challenge.


The Malayalam superstar Mammootty also does campaigns to spread the message of environmental hygiene in Kerala. In order to spread the message of protecting the environment all over, the evergreen hero changed his profile picture and cover photo on Facebook to a poster created by Sabareesh Ravi – ‘Mammutree’ On  World Environment Day 5 June 2016. The art is set against a green background with the actor’s face portrayed in the form of a tree. Mammootty’s trademark moustache has been transformed into the root of the tree, the bridge of his nose goes onto form the trunk which branches out to leaves, that make up the star’s hair!


Mr Mammooty was chosen for the Virgin Earth Golden Feather Environment Awards 2011 and Green Golden Feather Environment Puraskar for his work in the field of environmental protection.

A Ray of Hope:

We hope the fire from coal and petroleum products ignited by some selfish people might be slowly subsided due to the exemplary deeds of heroes like Mammootty soon. And this shines a ray of hope among animals and humanity for regaining the pristine environment gifted by nature thar previously was otherwise abound in clean air, water and food. Or else the world will have to suffocate and die off poisonous elements which have been suffusing into the every nerve of the biosphere - the rarest thing in the universe.

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